I'm a Dead Guy!

Drinking a Dead Guy Ale. Not so special, except for the fact that I'm at Starbucks. I'm a fan of Starbucks, not a super fan like some people, but a fan. Maybe if I come into a Starbucks in the future and they offer a small-batch Bourbon flight I'll become a super fan ;-)


Yay--it's 6-dollar beer night!

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't be roped into a bar with a "6-dollar beer night" pitch. There are two conditions however today, that make that very pitch a very appealing offer:
  1. I'm in Washington DC. 
  2. The beers on sale are Chimay Red, White, and Blue.

The bar with this lovely offer today is Marx Cafe in the historic Mount Pleasant neightborhood in the NE district. In the time short that I've called MP home I've been to Marx Cafe a couple of times. Tonight is my first time making the trek in on a Tuesday but I have a feeling it won't be my last. 

If you've spent any time in Washington DC you know that it is not a cheap place to go out. And if you've spent much time on the BDT you know I'm a big advocate of Belgian Beers. Put the two together and you get one happy camper (add free WiFi, a spacious bar, and a friendly bar-keep and I'm a happy camper). 

I'll leave you with a joke that I overheard my bartender tell one of the patrons: 
A baby seal walks into a bar and grabs a seat at the bar. The bartender approaches him and says "what can I get ya?" The baby seal says, "anything as long as it's not a Canadian Club."  

My oh my how time does fly...

Although my blog-activity doesn't reflect the fact, I've been sampling a lot of cool beers in the 6-months since I wrote my last dispatch. I've intrenched myself in the beer culture of the Pacific Northwest, I've traveled to foreign lands (in some of which beer is illegal-gasp!) to try the local processed-barley offerings, and I've dabbled a bit in homebrewing. 

The Top 5 Mobile Apps for Beer-nerds

Today's post is another guest post. This one is by fellow beer lover, and home-brew extraordinaire, Nathan Millan. Without further adieu, I'll hand it over:

There are many beer applications out there on the smart phones and tablets for the aficionado to enjoy.

1. Myself as a brewer really enjoy the Brew-Pal app which is only $1.99 form the store. This application allows you to create a beer recipe with ease. Gives all the different types of grains, hops, adjucts, mash timer, temp gauge, and efficiency tools to make a great beverage. Comparable software on a personal computer can cost anywhere in the range of $30.00, so for $1.99 you are getting a great value.

2. Second on my list would have to be

B. Young takes on the AmeriCAN Beer Festival!

It is often said that on a warm day it is good to keep well hydrated. Usually that means lots of water but if you prefer beer, than I recommend the Ameri-CAN beer festival in Scottsdale, AZ. On May 19, 2012 San Tan brewing sponsered the 2nd annual canned craft beer festival . Tickets could be bought for $25 or if you bought a coupon it was $13.

I survived Seattle Beerfest 2012!

Yesterday was the third and final day for the 2012 Seattle International Beerfest!

I arrived around at the Seattle Center around noon. The weather was perfect, the skies were clear, there were over 200-beers to try...

“If you will it, it is no dream."

A quote from one of my favorite books, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
A while back I got the idea in my head of doing a long distance brewery tour through the American West. The idea came on by chance (most likely after my third or fourth craft beer one night) and I quickly became obsessed...

Who's coming with me??

The Oregon Brewers Festival is only a few weeks away... so the question is, who's coming with me!?

D. Lux

The Dark Side...

On a darker note...

The Light Side...

Now that spring (with it's cool and rainy days) has given way to summer (with it's sort of warm, occasionally sunny days) it's time to enjoy some Summer beer!