Brew Dork Times field agent (and fellow beer-lover) Andrew just returned from a trek around the world.
(B.D.T. World-Traveling Field Agent Andrew)
During his travels he encountered a wide variety of different beers. Some of the most unique beers (if not the highest of quality) came from Iceland. Check um out!

As I don't know anything about Icelandic beers, I did a little Q & A with Andy to get a feel for the nations brews.

D. Lux: How was the Icelandic beers?

Andrew:  They all sucked.

D. Lux: How about the Polar Bear beer, it looked pretty good?

Andrew: The Polar Beer left me cold.

D. Lux: Fair enough, but that Viking beer looks kinda bad ass...

Andrew: Viking I think was non-alcoholic...or at least it tasted that way,

D. Lux: Alright Andrew, I'm loosing faith fast here.. Please tell me the Thor was awesome?!?

Andrew: .... You'd think a beer named after the thunder god would have more spark...

D. Lux: **sigh** Oh, well... They can't all be Belgian :-/

Thanks for the field report Andrew!


P.S. On a side note, it has been pointed out that Thor might actually be Danish

P.P.S.S. Another cool thing Andy shared with me was a website that tells how to say Prost! or, er 'Cheers' around the world. Check it out here!

P.P.P.S.S.S. (is that even the way you're supposed to write multiple P.S.'s ??) I kinda paraphrased this entire post. Don't hold anything against Andrew if you don't like the way this post is written!


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