The Top 5 Mobile Apps for Beer-nerds

Today's post is another guest post. This one is by fellow beer lover, and home-brew extraordinaire, Nathan Millan. Without further adieu, I'll hand it over:

There are many beer applications out there on the smart phones and tablets for the aficionado to enjoy.

1. Myself as a brewer really enjoy the Brew-Pal app which is only $1.99 form the store. This application allows you to create a beer recipe with ease. Gives all the different types of grains, hops, adjucts, mash timer, temp gauge, and efficiency tools to make a great beverage. Comparable software on a personal computer can cost anywhere in the range of $30.00, so for $1.99 you are getting a great value.

2. Second on my list would have to be
the Home Brewers Forum application. This is a great place to gather information on recipe creation, equipment, ingredients, or to just meet fellow brewers. It's a lot of fun to talk with those who share a passion for beer and get to know their opinions, especially if you have an experimental brew, or want to try something new but would like to see what others have done or if that style has even been attempted before.

3. My third choice would have the be the Beer Brands Database application. This application has thousands of notes on any beer out there either posted from the application creator or by aficionados like you and me. It also has a great random beer generator if you are looking to learn about a new beer that's on the market, or want to know what you should drink that night. It also has a food-pairing setting which is nice if you aren't quite sure what to have with dinner. 

4. BrewGene is also a great application to have. This application tells you where nearby you can find a certain beer on tap or which store to get a six pack. Also allows you to tag the restaurant to add to the application database for fellow users. Allows one to take notes, post pictures, and even directions to each place. It is also connected to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare so that friends can easily find, and join you for a beer. The best feature in my mind however is the recommendations. Based on your previous history list (or cellar list) and ratings, it will generate a recommendation for you to try and then pinpoint where that beer can be found nearby. Its a lot of fun and easy to use, and on top of all that....its FREE!

5. I would have to say any of the BAC testing applications. In our field, we try many beers not necessarily to get intoxicated but for personal research and development of the palate. Last thing we researchers need is a DUI. There are a few out on the market right now and all work fairly well. They are not of course as accurate as a full on breathalyzer however they are way less expensive and can still give you a rough idea of where you stand before getting behind the wheel. BE SAFE!

I hope these applications will help further your knowledge as you dive into the interesting and exciting world of beer.

I brew the beer I drink,

Nathan Millan


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