I survived Seattle Beerfest 2012!

Yesterday was the third and final day for the 2012 Seattle International Beerfest!

I arrived around at the Seattle Center around noon. The weather was perfect, the skies were clear, there were over 200-beers to try...
and I was very very thirsty!

The attendees varied widely in age an social group but were friendly across the board. I wore one of the shirts that I picked up on my visit to the Allegash Brewery last month and was quite pleased to receive a number of comments from people that knew of their beer (the typical conversation involved a happy recognition that we both knew and loved Allegash followed by a brief commiseration about the fact that we can no longer get their beers in WA.)

Another huge plus was that the festival was extremely dog-friendly. Until I can curb my wanderlust to the point that I can responsibly get a dog of my own I'm forced to live vicariously through other dog owners. This couple's "pair" of k9 was one of the most unique adoption choices I've ever come across!
(150 lbs worth of dog, split 145-5)
The one down side was that the people pouring the beers were volunteers and decidedly not "beer people". I don't need to know how many IBUs a beer has or what it's original gravity was in order to enjoy it, but if I try a great beer that I've never heard of before, it would be nice to at least know where it's from.

Good friends + Good beers = Good times!
When my tickets eventually ran thin I grabbed a pint of Pilsner Urquell and retired to a grassy hill to take a well needed rest from the sun.

A belly full of beer, live music in the distance, and a soft grassy hill. What more do you need?
Overall a very good time. I will definitely be attending next year!


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