My oh my how time does fly...

Although my blog-activity doesn't reflect the fact, I've been sampling a lot of cool beers in the 6-months since I wrote my last dispatch. I've intrenched myself in the beer culture of the Pacific Northwest, I've traveled to foreign lands (in some of which beer is illegal-gasp!) to try the local processed-barley offerings, and I've dabbled a bit in homebrewing. 
The goal of the Brew Dork Times is serve as an outlet to share the interesting discoveries that I make on my craft beer journey. While I probably score a 100% on the "interesting discovery" part of the goal, I flunk the "outlet to share" part). 

In an effort to breathe life back into this blog, I'm setting a schedule:
  • One dispatch a week, published on Sunday.
As I'm living in Washington, DC I'll dedicate the next 10-weeks to the best beers, breweries, and beer-bars of the greater DC area. 

That's all for now, time to head to be corner bottle shop to pick up something for tonight's post! 


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