Meet Kyle, the newest member of the BDT

It is with great honor that I introduce you to the newest member of the Brew Dork Times family, Kyle Merritt.

I asked Kyle a few questions about his passion for good beer to give you a idea of his commitment to the fine beverage. Here's what he had to say:

DLux: How are you involved with beer. What qualifies you as a 'brew dork'?

Kyle: First of all my involvement with beer has everything to do with my passion and pursuit of a "great beer". Besides being an enthusiastic home brewer, I have a deep love for great taste. I think we as fellow beer connoisseurs know that familiar feeling after that first sip of a fine beer which leaves us with a chilling sensation. I love this feeling; in fact, I am in love with this feeling. There are three things in life that I truly enjoy: great friendships, great sex.....and a fucking great drink.

DLux: If you were a beer, which beer would you be?

Kyle: If I was a beer I would be a Tripel Karmeliet. Which is an Abbey Tripel beer by Brouwerij Bosteels, a monastery brewery in Buggenhout, Belgium. The beer is clouted with irony. Here you have a beer that is brewed by devout monks, which makes me think that they apparently are fantastic at two things: loving our dear lord Hey-Zeus Christo and making fantastic fucking beer. Nevertheless, the irony lies in the fact that drinking is discouraged by the church. Drinking is not a transgression, but intoxication of such fine beverages is indeed a crime. All the while Monks, yes Monks, give us sinners a marvelous refreshment to enjoy, and enjoy it we do. They discourage murder, but yet give us the knife. Are we to blame!?

DLux: Care to share a beer-related story with us?

Kyle: I cannot say I have one particular story about beer. Instead, I have hundreds. This is what is so incredible about beer. In the words of Mark Twain, "Sometimes too much to drink is barely enough." A pint always leaves us with countless stories, countless memories that we shall never fail to recall. However, let's be honest we do unfortunately forget, yet another reason to love grown-up juice. But worry not, there is always some asshole to remind us. An ordinary day can always be transformed into an extraordinary day with the start of a lovely pint. A few fine beers turns any short story into a novel. "Good people drink good beer"

Good people drink good beer indeed--welcome aboard Kyle!



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